Under 18's Nights | Parents Section

Firstly, We want you to know we understand your concerns. Below is a list of the safety measures we have in place to protect every single young adult that comes to our events.

Before The Event

Our M&N staff work hard with the police to put all safety measures in place. We are always in contact with them, enforcing new ways to protect our customers. We care about the safety of everyone's child who attends these events. Please be aware all of our events are ages 14 - 17 unless they are special events, If you are unsure please contact us.

On The Night Of The Event

Our S.I.A Security are out side our event half an hour before our doors open, This way we know, even when they are outside the venue they are safe.

Upon entry we will search everyone. This means that everyone who comes through our doors we know they are not carrying anything they shouldn't be and keeps it a safe place to be. We may also do a random breathalyzer on your child. This is because we run a  Alcohol free zone.

Throughout the night we have welfare officers and S.I.A badge security walking round the venue. Our manned live feed CCTV also will be watching and recording.

At the end of the night, Our Door staff and welfare officers will be out on the street. This ensures added protection.

What happens to those that get refused entry or removed

Firstly we will make sure your child is safe, We know that being not allowed in or removed from the venue, is a scary experience for anyone let alone a minor.

We will ask the Minor to call the parents / Carers, We have phones they can use. If this is still not possible, we will remove the friends they where with to see if we can make contact with a responsible adult, Again if this isn't an option we will have no other choice but to contact the police, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE IN TROUBLE. We just want to get them home safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my son/daughter safe at these events?

We believe that they are. With all of our safety measures we have in place, and all our work involving safety that goes into these events. We also discuss all of our plans with the police, and they would not let us go through with this event if it was not safe.

What are the main rules for the event?

NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO drink of any kind to be taken into the venue, and NO hats of any kind and NO chewing Gum. Non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at the venue.

Can my son/daughter leave at any time?

We don't allow for people to leave and come back in. However, if they are leaving and parents have told them to, they are free to leave if they wish. 

What I.D do we accept?

Passport, driving license, plus 16 card or photocopies of the previously mentioned ID that we accept. Please note, If your child looks younger than 14 or over 18 they will be questioned and I.D'd. Failure to provide will result in non entry to the venue. We can call parents if they don't have any I.D to confirm the age. 

Below is a copy of our child protection policy for you to download and view

Child-Protection-Policy.pdf Child-Protection-Policy.pdf
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